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We propose a totally different approach to Innovations. It involves ideation support with our unique TRIZ-based apps and elements of machine creativity also called crowdsourcing without crowds.



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1- Innovation manager account
50- Innovation consultant accounts
Artificial Intelligence creativity support
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Unlimited Innovation consultant accounts
Unlimited Innovation managers accounts
Artificial Intelligence creativity support


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We were mesmerized by the magnificent finding in the Theory of Inventive Problems Solving: all the beautiful inventions in the world have something in common. They are created according to some very abstract and industry-independent rules.

These rules, or recommendations, or innovation-triggers can be used anywhere with outstanding results. Now, instead of generating ideas “out of thin air”, we can “switch our ideation habits off” and simply follow the proposed innovation-triggers!

They worked great in other industries and they will work great again in yours.

The exhaustive list of these innovation-triggers became base for our Android/iOS apps that support users when it comes to creating strong ideas. Unlike users of the other crowdsourcing platforms, our users are not left alone in the dark, they are supported. They are enabled to ideate better, faster, stronger.

Therefore our Innovation managers are not swamped in crappy ideas analysis any more. They even do not need multiple idea stage gates to filter out the rare gem ideas – almost all of them are gems.

Second feature which is making our platform so unique (patent pending) is its intrinsic ability to precisely target the desired crowds at campaigns launching. For instance, Innovation managers from oral care industry are able to ask the people working in glass manufacturing and understand how the glass strengthening technologies can be adapted for use in dental enamel regeneration techniques.

Third feature is actually our moto. Crowdsourcing without crowds. Innovation managers are also able to launch automated bot-campaigns which last a second end yield hundreds to thousands of ideas without real people involved. It only requires a quick initial input explaining what the software will be dealing with and clicking the “Launch” button. Artificial Intelligence will do the rest of the job.


We are a crew of experienced professionals in systematic innovation, software, development and patent law.
Aleksei Ruin
Aleksei Ruin


  • 10+ years in Innovation Consulting
  • Ph. D in Telecommunication networks
  • 4level certified TRIZ practitioner
  • Broad experience in innovations in Russia, South Korea, US and EU

    • Aleksey Markov
      Aleksey Markov

      Patent Attorney

      • Many years of experience in protecting Intellectual property
      • Design of IP protection strategy

        Andrii Konovalenko
        Andrii Konovalenko


      • Leads development of the IOS/Android applications for business, leisure, social networking for a number of years
      • Responsible for design development Java, Android SDK, Objective-C\Swift, iOS SDK

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